I s a a c L e v i n e

producer, songwriter, composer, sound person





University of Michigan - B.F.A. Performing Arts Technology, focus on Sound. May 2016


Strangers From the Internet by Joseph Keckler (style notes: opera singer writes pop song with chamber musicians)

Sweetness by Kevin Mckay (style notes: ethereal wave, 4AD)

Caffeine Queen by Electric Blanket (style notes: Detroit style rock band)

Egret/Flatlander by Ben Willis (style notes: tender extended technique by solo upright bassist)

Whole by Rebecca Rosen (style notes: Regina Spekter-inspired meditative ballad)

Alright... by the Willo Collective (style notes: contemporary classical recording)


2020 Untitled Television Special by Joseph Keckler, Adult Swim, Burbank, CA

Produced the music for a TV opera being created for Adult Swim. Expected release in 2021.

2017 Ruminations by Ruth Burke, Ann Arbor, MI

Was recording engineer and sound installation designer for a graduate thesis project about

intimacy with cows.

2016 Lurie Carillon Tower Recording Project , Ann Arbor, MI

Recorded a bell-by-bell sample set of the Lurie bell tower in Ann Arbor for the University of

Michigan carillon program.

2016 Liverpool Trading by Anita Gonzalez, New York City

Was flown out to New York to record a musical about Black/English cultural intersections

during cultural diaspora.

2016 Strangers From The Internet by Joseph Keckler, Detroit, MI and NYC

Piece for his“Let Me Die”show at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. To be released 2016.

2015 Shake Appeal Show for Pitchfork Radio, Ann Arbor, MI.

Recorded A 3-episode music series for the Pitchfork Radio station, curated by Evan Minsker.


Umbrella (written for Isaac Levine Band) (upbeat song with a simple refrain)

JCC : Our Community Commercial (upbeat jingle written for commercial)

Far Away Now (written for solo electric piano) (very slow meditation that plays on the overtones of the electric piano)

Nothing Is Free (written for band, Sand Puzzle) (melancholy song about life’s paradoxes)

How Not To Break Someone (video) (extra melancholy song about life’s paradoxes)


2018 - 2020 Live Sound for Bands, Karaoke , Ziggy’s, Ypsilanti, MI

On call to run sound at the bar down the street from me at the time.

2018-2019 On-Call festival sound engineer, AVS Sound Systems, Ann Arbor, MI

Would run relatively large systems for outdoor events working under sound technician Jim Gibbons.

2015-2020 Resident Sound Engineer, WCBN Local Music Show, Ann Arbor, MI

Ran sound for the local music show in Ann Arbor. Local bands every night wednesdays 9-11. Hosts the

recordings on soundcloud as well.

2015-2017 Resident Live Sound Engineer, Arbor Vitae, Ann Arbor, MI

Ran sound at local DIY Mainstay Arbor Vitae and ran a fundraiser show to upgrade the space’s PA



2019 Let Me Die by Philadelphia Opera, Fringe Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Did sound design and music direction for an opera production which included many sound effects

as well as recording an 8-channel speaker installation that played a choir from inside the audience.

2015 Arabian Nights, Play directed by Malcolm Tulip. Arthur Miller Theater, Ann Arbor, MI

2015 Habitable Zone, Film directed by Niki Voyeur and Riley Hanson. Ypsilanti, MI

2015 Sun & Shadows, Shadow Puppet Show directed by Anita Gonzalez. Ann Arbor, MI


2019 Freelance Audio Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Taught a workshop on freelance work and creative process as an audio engineer.

2013-2018 Circuit Bending, Audio Engineering Society, Ann Arbor MI

For 5 years I taught a circuit bending workshop each year where I showed people how to disassemble

and add features to toy electronic instruments.


2018 “Lake Light”- Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Reflective audio-visual sculpture built for the Children’s Museum. Gently clashing ping pong balls and

light arrays simulate the effect of the moon on lake water.

2017 “Pisces Pool”- Sherwood Forest, Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI

An interactive audio-visual pool of swimming fish that respond to the movements of visitors

to create a space of reflection.

2017 “Moire Pool”- Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor Art Center, Ann Arbor, MI

An interactive audio-visual pool of abstract shapes that respond to the movements of visitors

to create a space of reflection. When they are active it is murky and when they are still it settles.

2015 “Puddle”- Skybridge, Washtenaw Community College, Ypsilanti, MI

Month-long public installation on 100 foot long skybridge: Detected footsteps influence water

soundscape played using an 8-channel speaker installation, encouraging introspection.

2015 “Old Man Winter”[with ApeTechnology] - outside D.I.A., Detroit, MI

A 40-ft tall looming robot surrounded by smaller “minions” with LED-animated faces that rolled

around and roared. I programmed the LED minions and did sound design for their roaring.

2015 “Slendrotron”[with ApeTechnology] - Detroit Symphony Hall, Detroit, MI

Sculptural sound installation for the Strange Beautiful Music event. I created a self-tuning

timpani for an automated gamelan orchestra that played algorithmically generated music.

2015 “Ping Pong Tubes”- 117 Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

Installation at POP:IN event, a gallery intervention. Movement detected via re-purposed

webcam causes ping pong balls in tubes to fly upward, encouraging playfulness.


2016 Winner (one of multiple), Yale University Twilight Composition Contest for transcription of “One Summers Day”

2016 Winner, Mix/Remix Competition at University of Michigan,for remix of “Simple Subtraction”

2016 Grantee, from Arts @ Michigan for creation of Speech Devices installation.

2016 Grantee, from U of M Arts Engine for creation of Speech Devices installation.

2015 Winner (as collaborator)

Undergraduate Juried Art Show, built interactive pedestal for piece Grimestone by Niki Voyeur

2015 Winner, Ypsi 24-hour Film Shootout, sound for film piece Habitable Zone.

2015 Grantee, from Washtenaw Community College for creation of Puddle sound installation.

2015 Presenter, NSEME conference, For an Electro-Acoustic composition entitled Hope and What Moves.

2014 Recipient, Merit Scholarship to attend So Percussion Summer Institute as a resident composer.

2013 Recipient, Ryan Jones Memorial Fund Scholarship.


References can be provided upon request