Isaac Levine

Recordist / Performer / Sound Artist / Experimenter

About : Grew up in Pittsburgh DIY and have been recording other people and my own projects for over a decade. Always writing / recording / performing / making things with people. Have always been organizing shows and putting out people's music. Writing is a more recent thing -

The tape label on which I release the work of others is called fishpeoplebirds

(412) 330-9468

isaac + pat live in Traverse City


Sugar Prince (my ambient collaborations with Amber Fellows)

Platonic Boyfriends (band w/ Noor + Klayton)

Dreambag (my song collaborations with Rebecca Rosen)

Tusks (band w/ Steve, Dylan and Rebecca)

the Isaac Levine band live at Unity Vibration


Prickle House (forthcoming)

Piano Tape (forthcoming)

Suite For State of Memory

Music For Fish Lamps (reissue forthcoming)

Dreambag (Isaac+Reb) live at Performing Arts Communion in Ypsilanti


Enigma of the Creep (zine forthcoming)

Interview W/ Sarah Schulman (What's Left Ypsi) (forthcoming)

KJ 2 KJ: Interview with Bill Ramsey, former karaoke host at Powell’s Pub (What's Left Ypsi)

Review of the Fountain Stage at the Ann Arbor Art Fair (What's Left Ypsi)

Romance is Alive and Changing (Shed X Press)


"Lake Light" - in the collection of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

"Pisces Pool" at Electric Forest

"Moire Pool" (with Simon AA) @ Ann Arbor Film Festival

"Ping Pong Tubes" @ 117 Gallery

the Isaac Levine band at the Hamtramck Music Festival

“The confusion stayed through the second listen. And the third. And it's continued unabated through subsequent spins. But I keep listening, and listening, and listening, which is a testament to the puzzling uniqueness.”

- Christopher Peter Anderson, Ann Arbor Pulp

[Isaac] "adds an absolutely crucial sensory element to the production, from a heartbeat-like pulse, to haunting sound effects and musical accompaniment."

- Jenn Mckee, MLive