Sound Design

Sun and Shadows (Electroacoustic composition, Sound effects, Arthur Miller Theatre)

"Sun & Shadows features a spectacular display of visual story telling using shadow puppets projected on the outside glass walls of the Arthur Miller Theatre in Ann Arbor.An adaptation of the book The Disobedience of the Daughter of the Sun by Martín Prechtel, this 20-minute interdisciplinary collaborative production details the story of the Sun and Moon’s beautiful daughter who falls in love, and a village boy who tries to set her free."

Compositionally, I was aiming to match the waving motion of the puppets, the rainbow lighting, and the gentle mythology of the story with a steamy, deep, wandery soundscape. The two themes to the left are the ending "peaceful" theme and a theme that introduces the protagonist known in the play as the "tall girl".

Full show Here

Moiré Pool (Audiovisual Art Installation, Ann Arbor Film Festival "Off the Screen" Exhibition

Moiré Pool is a digital media based reflection pool where people can gather, interact with and observe a continually evolving sound and visuals. As observers move up to the edge of the pool (a circular projection surface), their movement creates ripples and waves of disturbance in the projected image and soundscape. Similar to the act of waiting for a small pond to clear after one has skipped a stone, if viewers stay still, they will see the settling of the original imagery. The intention is to create a space that rewards stillness and meditative observation, along with action and play.

I recorded a few samples of a circuitbent sk-1 that I made when I was 16 or so. There's these amazingly calm modulating piano tones I go thtat day that I thought would go perfectly with the watery nature of the visuals. I sequenced and stretched that sound and used an excerpted 3 minutes from that soundworld.

Plip Plop (Custom Cell Phone Alarm, in my pocket or maybe next to where I sleep)

I had a problem with cell phone alarm tones because they'd always be very melodic and rhythmic and after hearing them 100 mornings in a row I would memorize them and learn to despise their positive melodies. I tried to change the alarm to one of my favorite songs and I learned to hate it as well - associating it all with waking up for work. So I set out to make an agreeable phone alarm. The idea for it was that it'd be diffuse in terms of melody and rhythm so that my brain couldn't pre-empt or memorize it. It worked and I've used this tone for 4 years. The high frequency sounds are boosted with eq to really feel physical on a phone speaker.

If you want to try using it as an alarm feel free to download it ! That option is enabled on the soundcloud link.

JCC IS FOR EVERYBODY (Western Pennsylvania television)

A cute animated video about inclusivity and the communal feeling at the Pittsburgh Jewish Community Center.

I composed an upbeat instrumental for it and added all foley and sound effects to assist the motion graphic style animations in the commercial.

Joseph Keckler's Let Me Die (8-channel sound installation Philadelphia Opera, 2019)

This was the Joseph Keckler show in which he died almost every notable opera death in history in one show. I did an 8 speaker sound installation in the audience seats that reproduced a spatially distributed choir that sang for the dead actors posthumously. For the stereo representation, I include the second to last passage from the show, with a little hall reverb to emulate the sound of Fringe Arts in Philadelphia.

Zoom (Art Installation, Shed X)

This was a small scale art installation I set up in which webcam feedback manipulated an image and spewed disembodied images back at the viewer at the corner of an open floor art event.

For the sound I was trying to match the feeling of a recursive face and kind of like a haunting voyeuristic spirit.

Mort Garson Impression (early quarantine, 2020)

My friend Alexis Ford who works at a botanical garden took up an early quarantine of activity of drawing photorealistic flaura under a webcam. She tapped me to make music that was kind of like Mort Garson's Plantasia. I made 3 pieces for this series and all are viewable on the playlist to the in the video link.

Misc. Sound For Dance :

By Brush and Breath (2012) (Sophia Levine) (I did an electroacoustic composition for my sister's performance at an art show in Pittsburgh)

Fragments (Maddy Rager) (I recorded the music on behalf of the willo collective)

Solo Ambient Releases :

Piano Tape

Suite For State of Memory

More Sound design work found in CV